NMCCV Staff and Commissioners

New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism Staff

Samuel Sokolove

Executive Director

Responsibilities include:

  • Policy and Program Development
  • Staff Management
  • Long Term Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Community Outreach

Email - Samuel.Sokolove@state.nm.us

Phone - 505.841.8474

Logan Rice

Program Officer

Responsibilities include:

  • Program Technical Assistance
  • Program Compliance Monitoring
  • Program Budget and Reimbursements

Email -Logan.Rice@state.nm.us

Phone- 505-841-8084

Kristin Hsueh

Community Outreach and Events Officer

Responsibilities include:

    • Community Outreach
    • Days of Service
    • Special Event Planning
    • Training Coordination
    • Administrative Support

    Email -Kristin.Hsueh@state.nm.us

    Phone- 505-841-8074

    NMCCV Organization Chart 2016

    Executive Order establishing NMCCV