Chronological Guide for Establishing Member Eligibility

The candidate must complete and submit a signed and dated application to the AmeriCorps Program. (The application date must precede steps 2 - 10).

The candidate’s application is reviewed and selected to be interviewed.

The successful candidate is informed that she/he has been selected to participate tentatively and orientation, training and service cannot begin until all eligibility criteria are reviewed and successfully met.

Citizenship eligibility, age and photo identification is certified in writing from the review of certified original primary citizenship documentation and government issued photo IDs by the AmeriCorps Program authorized representative. (The reviewer’s verification signature date must precede steps 5 – 10)

Conduct a National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) check to see if the candidate has a clear record. Document the results with a dated screenshot or dated screen print showing ‘no hits found’ results for all states. (see Criminal History Check Procedures Form)

The candidate reviews, signs and dates the member agreement and documents their awareness of the service terms/conditions of the AmeriCorps position and other notifications and restrictions. The candidate also provides certifications, elections and authorizations regarding high school attainment, publicity release, AmeriCorps pledge, health care and child care support elections, loan forbearance awareness and criminal history check authorization/consent. (The member’s signature date must precede or be the same as the program representative. Both parties’ signature dates must precede or be the same as the official member start date entered in eGrants)

The candidate completes, signs and dates the National Service Trust Form and the AmeriCorps Program Representative then enters the data into the My AmeriCorps portal to confirm that citizenship is verified by the Social Security Administration. (The member’s signature date must precede or be the same as the program representative, and both signatures must also precede or be the same as the official member start date entered in eGrants)

Criminal History Check (CHC) Procedure: Written authorization from the candidate is required to conduct the CHCs. If your program policies/procedures require securing authorization prior to the completion of the member agreement, then the CHC procedure could be initiated right after step 5 and before step 6. The AmeriCorps Program must document the date the CHC was initiated for each type of check conducted (shown below) and the date in which the cleared results were received. (The initiation of CHCs must precede the candidate’s eligibility to begin service, orientation or training)

  •   State criminal history background check for candidates living in New Mexico

  •   State criminal history background check(s) for candidates not residing in New Mexico

  •   FBI fingerprint criminal history background check

While the CHCs are pending the candidate/member can begin orientation, training and service. The candidate/member must be accompanied by an authorized representative during direct service to vulnerable populations. The accompaniment must be documented by the AmeriCorps Program.

Once the AmeriCorps programs receives cleared CHC results from either the state(s) or FBI, the member is informed that she/he is clear to serve without accompaniment.

Chronological Guide for Establishing Member Eligibility developed by North Dakota Department of Commerce Workforce Development