Member Service Agreement Instructions

The recipient must require that each member sign a member service agreement that includes, at a minimum, the following: Member position description;The minimum number of service hours (as required by statute) and other requirements (as developed by the subrecipient) necessary to successfully complete the term of service and to be eligible for the education award;The amount of the education award being offered for successful completion of the terms of service in which the individual is enrolling; (which can be found in the FY17 Notice of Funding Opportunity) Standards of conduct, as developed by the subrecipient; The list of prohibited activities, including those specified in the regulations at 45 CFR §2520.65 (see paragraph C, below); The text of 45 CFR §§ 2540.100(e)-(f), which relates to Non-duplication and Nondisplacement; The text of 45 CFR §§ 2520.40-.45,…
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